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Following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption yesterday (June 30, 2022), Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has updated the prices of models sold here.

The GLE Coupe sees the largest price hike with SST coming back in full force, with the sole GLE 53 4Matic+ variant up by RM44,481.45 to now retail at RM856,888. Meanwhile, the recently launched GLC 300 e 4Matic Coupe AMG Line saw the smallest price disparity, increasing by just RM6,305.69 to hit RM398,888.

Core models like the C-Class also see a price increase without the SST exemption, with the range-topping C 300 AMG Line going up the most (RM14,206.92) to now retail at RM344,888. The same is true of the E-Class range, with the top-spec E 300 AMG Line going for RM397,888, which is RM18,958.03 more than before.

Entry-level models like the A-Class Sedan and GLA also see increases of over RM10k, with the upward revision for the base A 200 Progressive Line being an exception, as its price was hiked by RM9,429.21.

For those looking at Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the GLA range has gone up by as much as RM12,723.16 for the non-AMG variants, whereas the locally-assembled GLA 35 4Matic is now RM363,888 as mentioned during the model’s launch earlier this week.

The seven-seater duo that is the GLB 200 Progressive Line and GLB 250 4Matic AMG Line are now up to RM11,922.39 more than before, with their AMG sibling, the five-seat GLB 35 4Matic being a whole RM13,305.69 costlier. As for the only electric vehicle in the model range, the EQA, it still benefits from EV incentives but with SST, it now sells for RM8,686.75 more at RM286,888.

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