2021 Ram TRX Rendering Transforms The High-Riding Pickup Into A Wagon

The off-road truck gets an unofficial redesign.

Do you remember the Dodge Magnum? It was the Charger-based wagon born in the heyday of the new millennium when the carefree attitude of the 1990s overstayed its welcome. Well, it’s back, sort of. Okay, not really. A new video from TheSketchMonkey YouTube channel takes the rugged 2021 Ram 1500 TRX and transforms it into a low-riding long-roofed wagon determined to grab groceries and pick up the kids all in one trip.

The TRX is a massive vehicle designed to gobble up stretches of unexplored wilderness so long as the 702-horsepower (523-kilowatt) V8 has the gas to go. However, TheSketchMonkey takes no time in getting to work redesigning it, lowering the vehicle and eliminating the truck’s coveted ride height. Transforming the off-road-oriented pickup into a wagon required several drastic changes, including the struggle to tame the truck’s aggressively wide fenders, which were designed to give the truck a wide stance and give the suspension the room to absorb those big-jump landings.

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The TRX truck’s surprisingly fierce face fits nicely on the wagon. It feels a bit over-the-top with its massive scoop and excessive bulges, but it plays well with the rest of the wagon’s styling. It’s difficult to remove the TRX’s design details altogether. TheSketchMonkey noted his struggle to not only fit the modified greenhouse on top of the truck but also noted his difficulty in getting the proportions to look correct. A truck’s greenhouse is often more upright than that of a sedan or wagon, which often feature raked windshields.

The TRX wagon is just one of several recent TheSketchMonkey renderings that take one type of vehicle and transform it into something completely different. Another truck transformation of his took the boxy Ford F-150 and turned it into a surprisingly sleek and stately sedan. The TRX wagon rendering is similar to the Dodge Ramcharger one that resurrected the boxy two-door SUV with a modern-day take.


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