1,389 accidents across weekend of Ops Selamat 2023 – paultan.org

As the Chinese New Year holiday draws to a close, police recorded 1,389 accidents on Malaysian roads across the January 27 weekend of Ops Selamat 2023. The accidents involved a total of 1,711 vehicles of all types.

Based on police Traffic Enforcement and Investigation department (JSPT) statistics, 1,140 accident cases involved cars, or 66.62%. This number is followed by motorcycles, with 250 cases, or 14.61% while four-wheel drives recorded 12.33% or 211 cases.

Meanwhile, 86 lorries were involved in accidents, or 5.03%, while vans and buses contributed 0.88% and 0.41% of the total, respectively, translating to 156 and seven accidents. No numbers on fatalities and injuries were released.

From numbers released by JSPT over the 10 days of Ops Selamat this year, 12,273 accidents were recorded. The highest number of accidents in a single day was January 24, with 1,649 accidents involving 2,002 vehicles.

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